Whitehall Camp Team

The Whitehall Camp and Conference Center Team functions as an endorsed agency of W PA Ministries and be responsible for developing, recruiting, equipping, and coordinating camping facilities ministries to resource the local church in areas such as: children's camping, youth camping, conferences, seminars, retreats, recreational facilities, lease and rental facilities, and WPA Church of God Camp Meeting.

Whitehall Camp Team Memebers

Mark Pollock, Executive Camp Director mark.whitehall@gmail.com

Dick Bitner, Team Leader rbitner@cvzoom.net

Harry Donnell, Jr harry@coaxpa.com

Barry Freed

Jill Henry jfloyd882@hotmail.com

Bill McCarrier billm@interstatepipe.com

Brenda Mullins beejayem@verizon.net

Dave Sayers dsay@windstream.net 

Marlene Swartzfager

Dick Wain jrichardwain@gmail.com

Rebecca New-Edson rnewedson@gmail.com